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Marco Arment on the Leica M9

Marco Arment on the Leica M9

It’s funny reading a legit tech guru like Marco on one of my areas of expertise. Not that he pretends to be something he’s not; he just doesn’t “get” why a serious professional photographer [with serious money] would invest in a Leica system, and it’s amusing to see him try.

It’s the glass, silly. (Not just the 35mm f/2, either. And it’s certainly not about landscape performance.) Oh.. and the full-frame sensor in that tiny body. But mostly, it’s the glass.

He does get one thing semi-right: the M9 sensor is “disappointing” at high ISO’s. Then again, “disappointing” is subjective; I reckon I’d settle for Leica high-ISO grain if I could find the money for a full Leica system.

I can’t say I’m unhappy with my “rangefinder”-EVF-hybrid Fujifilm X system, though. Its high-ISO performance is breathtaking, and its price point is as diminutive as its size.

You should rent an X-Pro1 next, Marco.