It’s been a week since Dr Wills and her surgical team took to me with a bunch of laparoscopic implements to conduct a Heller myotomy and Dor fundoplication in a 2-hour procedure at John Hunter Hospital. The aim was to address the most problematic symptom of my achalasia (food just barely passing from my esophagus to my stomach, due to my lower esophageal sphincter being in almost constant spasm), without leaving me too vulnerable to reflux (allowing food to pass down without restriction tends to allow acid to pass up without restriction).

Recovery has been remarkably quick (externally, anyway). I was off pain relief within 24 hours of surgery, home and relatively comfortable within 48 hours. Food (of the puréed or finely chewed variety) has been going down with more ease than I’ve experienced in roughly 2.5 years — no nausea, no need to lie down to help it pass, no need for tiny helpings. Normal energy levels are starting to return. My depression is lifting even further. It’s nothing short of miraculous!

I look forward to using this new lease on life to catch up on various projects (like x100.365, which I’ve struggled to keep up with!), but mostly to become a better person.

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