John Piper on Roman Catholic “heresy”

John Piper on Roman Catholic “heresy”

A timely and helpful post from John Piper, I reckon:

God’s mercy is not a warrant to neglect or deny precious truths, especially those that are at the heart of how we get right with God. And the teachers of the church (notably the Pope) will be held more responsible than others for teaching what is fully biblical.

Idolatry aside, this is a pretty good summary of why I’m not a Catholic, why I have major problems with Catholic theology, and why I totally respect many Catholic individuals regardless.

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  1. How typical that John Piper comes out in judgement of the Pope. From my other readings, the Pope has said some things well worth listening to, and I for one want to celebrate the good in what he has said (while not denying the untruths). Surely that is a more helpful way than jumping straight to polemic and setting myself up as a judge?

  2. Cecily, if this were a comprehensive response to the election of Pope Francis, I’d take your point. But it doesn’t even attempt to be. It’s simply a clear statement regarding the difference between salvation by grace and salvation by works.

    Incidentally, I’m cautiously optimistic that Pope Francis will usher in a “better” era for the Catholic church.. but unpacking what that might look like is no small task.

    Also, how typical that you would come out Piper-bashing ;) For what it’s worth, I’m not even close to being his biggest fan … much of what he says is arrogant and entirely lacking in nuance. I didn’t have a major problem with this piece, though.

    (I assume everyone is clicking on the heading to see his full post, not just my excerpt?)

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