A little letter to the RTA (or whatever they’re calling themselves now)

Just another unfortunate episode of NSW government department stupidity. They’re exceptionally good at charging citizens for their mistakes.

Regarding trailer with plate no. S_____, billing number XXXXXXXX:

This trailer is not used a lot, but I did ensure its registration renewal was paid within the specified window (3 months). I made the payment via BPAY.

Some time later, I received a cheque from the RTA for $57, accompanied by a letter indicating the payment hadn’t gone through. Being a reasonable person, I figured you wouldn’t have gone to the trouble of sending me a cheque unless I’d somehow managed to pay twice (it had been a particularly chaotic time, so this was entirely plausible). I tried to confirm this using “myRegistration” on your website, but received a message saying the vehicle wasn’t ready for renewal yet. No worries! So I deposited the cheque and thought no more of the matter.

Today, now that I need to use the trailer again, I thought I’d call to confirm that everything was A-OK, only to find that my registration has been cancelled, and I’m now expected to find time and money to organise a blue slip and re-registration!

You can only imagine my ire over being made liable for your inability to reconcile registration payments made via BPAY.

It would be appreciated if you could resolve this matter administratively before I go to the trouble of finding a blue-slip accredited mechanic, removing the number plate, and all that ridiculous nonsense.