John Piper on Roman Catholic “heresy”

John Piper on Roman Catholic “heresy”

A timely and helpful post from John Piper, I reckon:

God’s mercy is not a warrant to neglect or deny precious truths, especially those that are at the heart of how we get right with God. And the teachers of the church (notably the Pope) will be held more responsible than others for teaching what is fully biblical.

Idolatry aside, this is a pretty good summary of why I’m not a Catholic, why I have major problems with Catholic theology, and why I totally respect many Catholic individuals regardless.

x100.365 #59


Now that his arrival has been announced on Facebook (modernspeak for “now that everybody knows he’s here”), I can share the face of February 28: Mr 3’s godparents’ new son, a.k.a. Miss 1’s future husband.

Welcome to the world, you gorgeous little hairy man with the cute sad face!

[As mentioned earlier, x100.365 is going to be a bit different in March. 31 strangers in 31 days! Stay tuned.]