Marco Arment on the Leica M9

Marco Arment on the Leica M9

It’s funny reading a legit tech guru like Marco on one of my areas of expertise. Not that he pretends to be something he’s not; he just doesn’t “get” why a serious professional photographer [with serious money] would invest in a Leica system, and it’s amusing to see him try.

It’s the glass, silly. (Not just the 35mm f/2, either. And it’s certainly not about landscape performance.) Oh.. and the full-frame sensor in that tiny body. But mostly, it’s the glass.

He does get one thing semi-right: the M9 sensor is “disappointing” at high ISO’s. Then again, “disappointing” is subjective; I reckon I’d settle for Leica high-ISO grain if I could find the money for a full Leica system.

I can’t say I’m unhappy with my “rangefinder”-EVF-hybrid Fujifilm X system, though. Its high-ISO performance is breathtaking, and its price point is as diminutive as its size.

You should rent an X-Pro1 next, Marco.

The Bourne Legacy

A Bourne movie without Matt Damon? It sounds like sacrilege, and it is, but at least they didn’t drop in a replacement for his character. Jason Bourne is still at large, and this latest instalment adds a whole new arc to the Treadstone story.

There are just enough original cast members to legitimise Legacy, production/acting quality is as high as ever, and there are several thrilling low-tech high-brains combat scenes, but the plot is weak and directionless relative to the originals, so the whole thing reeks of profit at the expense of awesome.

I’ll remain faithful to the original trilogy as 3 of the best movies of all time, and will try to forget this aberration.

Pass the amnesia, please.

The Magazine

The Magazine

One of life’s big challenges, in my opinion, is simply choosing what to read. Every day, more tweets, posts, articles and books are published than we could hope to read in a lifetime – and that’s assuming we limit ourselves to topics we actually care about.

That said, if you enjoy good writing and have more than a passing interest in technology, people, sustainability and new media, I think you should be reading The Magazine.

I’ve only just come to the party, and I’m loving it.

(There’s a free trial, and you’ll need an iOS device.)

No-one blogs at Christmas

I guess that’s because they’re all offline. Busy doing Christmas-type things. Ignoring their smartphones. (Or pretending to, for the sake of their mothers.)

I’ve had a fairly quiet Christmas, so here’s my gift to everyone else whose blog reader is depressingly empty:

A completely pointless post.

While I’m here, I’d like to mention how much I’m looking forward to my annual self-audit. I’ll be deciding what to quit, setting goals for 2013, improving my workflows, and generally getting my s*** together.

May your holiday be just as refreshing, reflective and purposeful. Unless you’re not getting a holiday, in which case, well, poor you.

Farewell, Tumblr. (Again.)

Sorry, Tumblr.

I can see why people love your particular blend of microblogging and social networking, but you’re not for me.

It’s been a fun second attempt, though.

My Tumblr has moved to, and my stream of consciousness continues there (or here, depending on where you’re reading this).

You no longer have to join Tumblr to comment. Yay!

“Meaningful action”

We’re going to have to come together and take meaningful action to prevent more tragedies like this.

So said Barack Obama today.

His words gave me hope that he might finally be the President to lead the US away from its insane gun culture and the equally insane laws it has created.

Yes, the man pulling the trigger was ultimately responsible for the horror of the last 24 hours, but the nation that made such powerful weapons available to him is also guilty.

America, you are out of time. You are the only western nation to collectively believe that civilian guns increase public safety. You are wrong. There are rivers of blood flowing in your schools to prove it.

Fix it.

Your irrelevant second amendment be damned.