Our darling daughter

Twelve months ago, we were worried.

Your big brother had been living with us for 2 years, using up all of our love, and we thought we might have run out of it. Or that we’d have to split it between the two of you somehow.

We shouldn’t have worried, though.

They told us each new baby comes with its own love, and they were right. We’re not even close to running out of love for you, and it’s already been a year!

We love that you smile even when you’re tired. We love that you eat pretty much anything. (Mummy’s a bit over keeping your buffet open 24×7, but that’s going to close soon, ok?) We love that you’re a chatterbox. We love that you enjoy “posting” everything you can into every “letterbox” you can find.

One day, you’ll understand what happened 10 years before you were born. That September 11, the world changed for the worse. We love that your arrival made “9-11” a happier date, and pray that you’ll continue to change the world for good.

We love being your parents, and we love you.

Happy birthday, Princess.

Mummy and Daddy