Creating OS X Mavericks install media

It’s been a big morning for Apple punters: OS X Mavericks, new iPads, iOS 7.0.3 and a bunch of new apps.

The only downside (aside from the “later in November” ETA on the Retina iPad Mini) is the downloading involved. Mavericks is ~5.5GB, and with 4 machines to upgrade [just in my house – there are a bunch more at work], downloading through the App Store each time would be painful.

As usual, Apple haven’t made it TOO easy to download-once-install-many (you can’t just restore a DMG onto an install partition anymore), but at least there’s an install media console utility built into the Install OS X Mavericks app.

Here’s how you use it:

  1. Use the App Store to download Mavericks. It’s pretty hard to miss at the moment; go to the Updates tab if it’s not immediately obvious.
  2. After downloading, cancel the installation process that will automatically start. (I just used Cmd-Q to quit the installer, but I think there’s a proper Cancel button too.)
  3. Prepare your install media. I partitioned off 8GB on a USB hard drive. A USB stick might be your weapon of choice (8GB minimum, unless 6GB sticks exist). For the command below to work without alteration, you’ll need an empty Mac OS Extended (Journaled) partition called “Untitled”. Disk Utility makes light work of this.
  4. Open a terminal and run the command below. When it asks for a password, give your OS X user account password.
  5. Press and hold the Option key while rebooting. Select your new install media and proceed.
sudo /Applications/Install\ OS\ X\ --volume /Volumes/Untitled --applicationpath /Applications/Install\ OS\ X\ --nointeraction

“Why we need to politicise the bushfires”

“Why we need to politicise the bushfires”

Whoever decided to launch The Guardian in Australia: thank you.

Love the last two paragraphs of this piece:

Nobody is saying we should stop talking about the fires and talk about global warming instead. With the Greens working harder than anyone else to get more resources for emergency services, certainly nobody is saying we should stop battling the bushfires and tackle global warming instead.

Only when we’re smart enough to do both at the same time will we truly be fighting fires.

Click through for all of the reasoning.

The final Fujifilm frontier: tilt-shift

With the help of a Kipon Nikon F-mount to Fujifilm X-mount tilt-shift adaptor and a Nikon 35mm f/2 lens, I’m pleased to report that I now have a tilt-shift rig roughly equivalent to the Canon 45mm TS-E I used to own and love.

Losing the ability to tilt and shift was a given when I traded Canon for Fujifilm, and I’d made peace with it. But I’m glad it’s an option again, even if it’s a bit clunky looking.

Here’s the first (only!) frame I’ve captured with it so far, straight out of camera (full tilt, lens wide open). Nothing earth shattering, but the effect is more than strong enough to do some interesting work with, methinks.


Life before birth, according to the Bible

Life before birth, according to the Bible

Click through for what is presumably a typical defence of abortion from Christians on the “left” of this issue.

I don’t endorse it, but I’m not in a position to post a rebuttal, either. (That’s code for “I’m still figuring out what to think about this.”) Feel free to help enlighten me if this is something you’ve studied with an open mind.

For now, I remain opposed to abortion, but unconvinced that making it illegal is an effective/useful response to the various forces that make it a reality in our society.

x100.365 #132: A load of bunk

We bought brand new bunk beds for the kids’ bedroom.

Mr 4 was so excited about his “big bed” that he took to it with a hammer [thinking we needed help to get it assembled quicker]. His mum was super-thrilled.

Anyway, once assembled, he was too scared to climb up to the top bunk, so he and Miss 2 are sharing the bottom bunk for now.

Here they are, discussing the situation, just after the bed was made for the first time.